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Citron Lavender Albino


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Albino Citrons are a double recessive animal with great looks, and even better breeding potential.  These are Visual Albinos that are 100% het for Titanium- one of the most variable of Retic pattern mutations.  The color/ pattern combination of Albino Titaniums makes for one of the most stunning Retics combos out there, which are exceedingly rare at this point and have never been produced anywhere outside of Prehistoric Pets.  The new Purple Titaniums we hatched made Titanium fans of even the most scrutinizing Retic admirers, and along with the Platinum Titaniums has stirred up a lot of new interest in this gene.  These Albino Citrons have the keys to make these amazing combos, but even on their own, they are strikingly beautiful.  The Citron influence intensifies the color and contrast, without affecting the pattern, making these snakes a great way to produce high intensity Albinos of every kind for future combos.  Breed one to a Titanium het Albino, and you make all high end, gorgeous snakes (25% Citron Het Albino, 25% Albino Citron, 25% Titanium het Albino, and 25% of the coveted Albino Titaniums in each clutch)- with no two looking alike because of the variation in 3 phases of Albino, and countless expressions of the Titanium gene in every clutch. 

Citron Lavender Albino
Lavender Citron- Make all 3 phases of Albino
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